Have a cup of tea in early morning


The winter has already started and very soon it will get more and cooler. With the passage of time, this winter will bring along with it cough, cold, fever and many more seasonal or viral diseases. In order to protect ourselves from cold and cough and other viral disease, people prefer to drink tea. Tea is nowadays very much popular among the youth as well as the older people. Ordinary Indian family consumes tea on an average 2 to 3 times a day. This shows that tea is so much important or essential part of our day routine.  However, tea was basically used as a medicinal drink. But, now it is been widely used as a refreshing drink and also few people drink it for taste.


In market, various forms of teas are found. Tea bags are also available and used widely.  Basically, tea bags were used to store fresh leaves of teas which can be dipped into the hot water or milk and then used. Such bags are made up of silk or nylon material.  Nowadays, plastic bags are also been used. In 1903, first tea bag was invented made up of paper. This was actually made in order to store and transport leaves of tea. But now, such leaves are processed and packed in bags which can be used directly then. Tea bags actually became very popular among the traveling people. They carry the tea of their own taste and can enjoy the taste at any moment and at any place.


For the household purpose, the tea is stored in their pouches. Variety of tea pouches in various capacity or volume packets are now available in market. Such tea pouches are actually sealed properly so that the tea leaves remain fresh through out. Also, it is packed in thick foils or sometimes even plastic packets. The unwanted air is removed from the packets which may affect the tea leaves.  Inside the pouches, its completely vacuum packaging and due care is taken while it’s packaging. If any mistake is done, or care is not taken, then the tea leaves may lose their aroma or taste. 


The freshness of the leaves will be lost. The tea has its great importance. Even the doctors recommend drinking at least 1 cup of tea daily. It acts as an anti-oxidant.  However, it should be remembered that tea if taken in limit, it is good but if in excess it’s very harmful. Enjoy the taste and enjoy life but in limit.