Forget polythene to avoid pollution

We hear a lot about global warming, corruption, pollution and many more.  And now the situation is that almost all are tired of hearing it again and again.  But the question is what we do to improve it?  What are the duties of people to improve it?  What we should do or what we should avoid?


Till 2000 people were not aware of any global problems, but now people are taking much of the initiative to take over all the global problems.  Now the people have realized the fact that we are the important part of this world and we should fight against all such problems and the biggest one is the pollution.  Regarding the industrial pollution then many of the laws and guidelines are made which has controlled pollution a lot.  But it has been found that much of the pollution is done by plastic products.  However, all of us knows the disadvantages of polythene and its product but still it is been used.  Taking into consideration the advantages of plastic products, biodegradable bags became the best substituent of plastic products and cello bags and cellophane bags are its best examples.


Cellophane is a thin, transparent sheet made up of regenerated cellulose.  Its low permeability to air, greases, bacteria and water makes cello bags and cellophane bags useful for food packaging.  Cellophanes are widely used in many of the products.  It is been used in the self adhesive tapes such as sellotapes.  It is also used as semi permeable membrane in many of the batteries also in the dialysis tubing.  Cellophanes bags and cello bags are widely used in the packaging of cigar.  Its less permeability to air protects cigar from external atmosphere keeping it fresh also.


Cellophanes bags and cello bags are 100% biodegradable bags. This makes it more popular in market. Having the same properties as that of the polythene, resistant, high capacity, easy to carry and most importantly eco-friendly. Cellophanes bags and cello bags are the best substituent of polythene.  These days, cellophanes and cello bags are widely used in the market.  Starting from the gift wrapper to the sweet box cover, packaging of food products to the packaging of the medicinal or pharmaceutical ingredients, cellophanes bags and cello bags are used every where.  It will not be wrong to say, that cellophanes bags and cello bags are the future of our social as well as economical market.