Save environment, environment will save us


In our daily routine, the most important product that we come across each and every day is the Plastic bags.  Plastic bags or polybags or pouches are made up of thin, flexible, plastic film, non woven fabric or plastic textile.  These days plastic bags are being so widely used that now it is commercially available in various forms as per its use.  Single layered double or even multilayered plastic bags are used which increases its resistance and carrying capacity.


Plastic bags are used for containing and transporting food products such as powders, ice, chocolates, vegetables, etc. and also some chemicals.  It is very less space consuming product with high capacity and enormous flexibility so its usage is getting more and more popular.  Along with it, it is very stable and inert.  So, it is being used in the industries to store as well as pack chemicals, tablets, powdered impurities, etc.  These days polyethylene filmed plastics are used for food products storage. The plastic bags are evenly harmful to human life as well as to the planet.  Plastic bags are non biodegradable bags product and so it remains in the soil for long time forms a toxic product and contaminates the soil. 


The soil loses its fertility and becomes barren.  This also leads to the environmental pollution.  Death of thousands of animals is reported due to its intake.  We might not notice but such plastics actually chock the pipelines of our city which becomes the main reason of flood.  Several holy places, river banks (especially Ganga River banks) are getting contaminated with such pollution. Many countries have taken steps to get rid of this environmental pollution by plastic bags.  In India, Bann on the Plastic was refused by the Supreme Court but many cities took initiative to reduce its wastage.  In Delhi, Assam and Rajasthan the plastic bag usage is now reduced to almost 65%.  People are being educated to use the plastic bags judiciary.


However the best substitutions for the Plastic bags are the paper bags.  They are biodegradable and environmental friendly, easy to carry, and very light weight.  Such paper bags are being manufactured in various sizes to make its carrying capacity as well as resistance large.  People are made to use paper bags on the place of Plastic bags.  Let us give our hands also to make our planet green following the “Go green environment” act. Choice is urs.